Our Solutions - Rent / Lease

Today’s trends clearly indicate that ownership is no longer a viable option for companies intent on staying current with new technology, or those who wish to reduce the operating costs of technology. Leasing is a beneficial than owning the equipment for the following reasons:
* Leasing frees working capital for more productive use.
* Accelerated depreciation write off is the USP of lease.
* A leasing arrangement is simple to negotiate and administer.
* Leasing provides off balance sheet funding.
* A leasing arrangement does not limit the firm’s ability to raise credit.
* The lessor can pass on part of the tax benefits to the lessee through reduced rentals.
* Expenses associated with the leased equipment can be incorporated into the lease and amortized over the lease period.
* Every Year or whenever required Products can be changed as per the requirements and technological needs. The amount lost in selling a used asset will be much more than the rentals paid for the asset.

Rental solutions multi brands Apple, DELL, HP, IBM Lenovo & Sun Oracle

Desktop Computer Rentals

If you need a computer with top performance and speed, capable of handling larger tasks, and do not require mobility, then you should get a desktop computer rental. We can configure a solution for your temporary need, and procure a computer with specs that are suited specifically for you.

Laptops Computer Rentals Available In All Sizes

We can offer any kind of laptop rental, virtually any size or any brand. Depending on how mobile you will be with your laptop rental, size might be a dominant factor in your laptop rental decision, where common sense says that a more compact laptop is ideal for travel and packing. If you need a mobile laptop, then you should consider one of our Netbook Rentals. If mobility is less of an issue however, then we suggest that you consider a Full-Size Laptop Rental.

Servers /Rack-Mount Server Rentals

Rack-Mount Servers are easy to use and highly reliable. These are desirable traits in a network server when your company needs a temporary network server rental to offset the stress on servers and machines owned by your business.

Storage Solutions Rentals

Server equipment rentals are ideal if your company needs an extra storage unit for company information while you are testing various types of storage solutions like SAN, DAS and NAS. Whether you need a short-term rental, or a long-term lease, we can get you the right kind of server for your storage needs.

CCTV Security Camera Surveillance Systems

The reasons for installing CCTV cameras are the same whether you own a home, office business, factory, workshop, superstore, or clinic, which is to secure your property, family, or employee’s interest. Now you don’t have to search for a security system dealer, because we provide complete turnkey solutions for all your surveillance needs.

Workstations Rentals

We provide high quality workstation rentals, including HP/Compaq, Dell, IBM and more. Our professional staff will work with you to rent workstation that meets your business needs

CISCO Network Products Rentals

We provide wide range of CISCO products rentals Like Routers, Switches and PIX Firewalls that meets your business needs.